UFO Sightings in Iowa and Nebraska .. a short study

UFO Sightings in Iowa and Nebraska Nebraska and Iowa are combined here for a better map and statistics.

Sightings eras are set in colors:   76 events from 1897 through 1959 show as Blue spots.   38 from 1960 through 1974 are Violet, 38 again from 1975 to the present are Green.

Iowa lists 84 sightings, Nebraska 68.   Both states have low sightings counts per square mile, especially the sand hills areas of Western Nebraska.

The geographical center of sightings for the two states combined is 95:23W - 41:36N, southwest of Harlan in Shelby County, IA, famous for its Elk Horn Danish Windmill.

The earliest IA-NE sighting listed was of a 'Great Airship' on 30 January 1897 in Hastings, NE.   The news account describes the witness as "sober".

See a wider map of the Northern Plains Region.

Daily Sightings Histogram: Iowa - Nebraska <=   Daily Histogram: Iowa & Nebraska

Sightings for all years and both states are combined to show seasonal variation.

The busiest single day was 3 July 1947,   3 sightings in Omaha, Keokuk & Sioux City.

The busiest months are July (26) and August (20). The other 10 months average 10 or 11 events each.   The slowest months are in Winter and early Spring.

The busiest weekday was Thursday (28).   Slowest weekdays are Tuesday (14) and Friday (9).   Most Iowa and Nebraska sightings take place on farm settings as expected.

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50-year graph of Iowa & Nebraska <=   50-Year Graph of Iowa & Nebraska

UFO activity came early in Iowa and Nebraska, then slowed considerably.   Busy years are few here:

1947 (14)   1952  (8)   1955 (11)
1957  (8)   1967 (11)   1995 (9)

Years not shown have six or fewer listings.

The strangest cases seem to favor Nebraska, like the well known 3 December 1967 abduction and contact of policeman Shirmer near Ashland.

A girl in Ord, NE reported that on 9 October 1978, a metal saucer hovered low.   Strange figures with 'tentacles' descended and took soil and plant samples.

On 14 September, 1978 someone saw a brilliant army tank descend onto US Highway 20 West of Belden, NE.   A man got out of the tank and greeted the witness by name, or so he says.

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