UFO Sightings in Illinois and Indiana .. a short study

UFO Sightings in Illinois and Indiana Illinois and Indiana are studied together here due to proximity and certain similarities.   This improves the map and simplifies statistics.

For the two states, sightings eras are in colors:   183 events from the 1800s through 1959 show as Blue dots,   142 from 1960 through 1974 are in Violet, and 190 from 1975 to the present are Green.   Illinois lists more sightings for the first two periods, then Indiana takes a clear lead for the last 30 years.

Indiana has more sightings (263) than Illinois (252) overall, and a higher density of sightings per square miles of area as shown.

The geographical center of Illinois & Indiana sightings is at 87:30W - 40:13N, Northwest of Covington, IN on the Wabash River and close to the state line.     According to a farmer there, a 16-foot saucer hovered over a field in broad daylight on 15 October 1957.   His combine conked out as the UFO passed overhead.

See a wider map for the North Central States.

Daily Sightings Histogram: Illinois-Indiana <=   Daily Histogram: Illinois + Indiana Sightings.

Sightings for both states and all years are combined,   then plotted as daily counts to show seasonal effects.

The peak day here is November 6 with nine listings, 8 of those in 1957.   The busiest single days (years not combined) were 6 Nov 1957 (8), 7 July 1947 (6), 6 July 1947 (5), 5 Nov 1957 (5) and 15 March 1995 (5).

Busiest months were July (68 records), August (64), October (59) and November (52).   The other 8 months average 41 or 42 records each.

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50-year graph of Illinois & Indiana <=   50-Year Graph of Illinois & Indiana

This area shows 5 notable peaks (violet curve at bottom) plus numerous smaller flaps.   Three of these (1947, 1952 & 1957) at five year intervals, no such thing in 1962, then another in 1967.   Other than that, there is no easily discernable regularity to this.

Busiest years for IL & IN combined were:

1947 (19)   1950 (14)   1952 (36)   1954 (13)
1955 (14)   1956 (10)   1957 (34)   1966 (16)
1967 (35)   1973 (27)   1978 (14)   1986 (15)
1987 (10)   1989 (19)   1990 (19)   1995 (19)

Years not shown had fewer than 10 listings.

Sightings in these states tend to be in farmlands and residential areas. Note the suburbs of Chicago, and the wide, nearly even spread in rural Indiana. (see map at top of page)

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