UFO Sightings in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

UFO Sightings in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont In *U* Data,  Maine lists 75 UFO sightings, New Hampshire 82 and Vermont 29, for a total of 186 events in this tri-state area.

Sightings eras are in colors:   52 events from the 1907 through 1959 show as Blue dots,  71 from 1960 through 1974 are in Violet, and 63 from 1975 to the present are Green.

The 1907 sighting was on 2 July, in Burlington, VT.   An apparent torpedo shaped flaming 'bolide' was seen.   It came to a stop, then shot to the South.

The geographical center of ME-NH-VT sightings is 70:44W - 44:01N, South of Bridgton, ME in Cumberland County, near the NH border, a popular Summer retreat area.

Sightings tend toward residential and small town settings in these states; with some in the forest and others on the road.

See a wider map for all the Northeast States.

Daily UFO Sightings Histogram: ME-NH-VT <=   Daily Histogram of ME + NH + VT Sightings.

Sightings for the 3 states and all years are combined, and given as daily counts to show seasonal effects and trends.

Never a UFO 'hotspot', whatever that is, the busiest two days in this 3-state region were 7 July 1947 with 4 sightings, and 29 March 1966 with 3.

Busiest months were July (26 records), and August (26).   The other 10 months average 13 or 14 only, for all years combined.   The busiest weekdays are Tuesdays (34) and Thursdays (31).   The slowest are all at the weekend: Friday (15), Saturday (21) and Sunday (19).

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50-year graph of Maine, NH and Vermont <=   50-Year Graph of ME + NH + VT

The busiest years for ME+NH+VT were:
1947  (9)     1952 (10)     1965 (10)
1966 (19)    1974  (8)
Years not shown have 7 or fewer listings.

Rather than large numbers, sightings in ME, NH and VT often have high strangeness .. abductions and missing time especially.

On 29 March 1966 in Henniker, NH an L-shaped box was seen on the ground supported by 4 legs.   Lifting off, it maneuvered through some trees then shot upward.   Traces were found in the dirt.

In October 1978 at Ludlow, VT, a domed deltoid was seen following power lines.   It shot beams of light and broke up into square pieces.

On 22 August 1988 near Athens, ME, people in a tent saw a saucer land.   A red ball came out and scouted around the area.   The campers cannot account for some missing time.

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