UFO Sightings in Missouri - - a short study

UFO Sightings in Missouri Of all 50 US states,  Missouri ranks 13h for UFO sightings in the *U* Database, 190 listings as of March 2006.

Sightings eras are shown by colors:   52 events from the 1800s through 1959 show as Blue dots.   74 listings from 1960 through 1974 (Violet) and 64 more from 1975 to the present are Green.

The geographical center of these sightings is at 92:11W - 38:15N, an agricultural area of Miller County.

The earliest sighting recorded here took place at 8:00 PM on 12 April 1897 near Salisbury, MO.   Several witnesses claimed they saw a cigar shaped vessel flying into the wind, which made a sudden turn to the Northeast and ascending.   A row of lights was seen on the side.

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Daily UFO Sightings Histogram: Missouri <=   Daily Histogram of Missouri UFO Sightings.

Here sightings for all years are combined for daily counts to show seasonal variation.

The peak day is July 6th with 8 listings, 6 of them in 1947 alone.

The busiest single days (years not combined) were 6 July 1947 (6),   18 November 1980 (4)
3 October 1973 (3), and 15 March 1995 (3).

Note the absense of sightings in mid to late October for all years.

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50-year graph of Missouri UFO Sightings <=   50-Year Graph of Missouri UFO Sightings.

Like some Western states, Missouri was busy 1947, but seems to have missed out on the national wave of 1952.   Missouri joined the Eastern states for the great wave of October 1973, the busiest year in Missouri UFO records here.

1947 (17)     1954  (9)     1967 (16)
1969   (8)     1973 (31)     1995 (11)

Years not shown have 7 or fewer listings.

The busiest month for Sightings in Missouri was July with 28 records for all years. The other 11 months average only 17 each.

The busiest weekday is Friday (33) versus a mean average of 24 per day for the rest of the week, where weekdays are known.

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