UFO Sightings in OHIO

UFO Sightings in OHIO Of all states in the US,   Ohio has the second highest raw count of UFO sightings listed (358), after California (984) and just ahead of Texas (356).     Ohio ranks 9th for sightings per square mile in the USA.

Events from the 1800s through 1959 show as Blue dots.   1960 through 1974 are in Violet, and 1975 to the present in Green.

The geographical center of Ohio sightings is at 82:58W x 40:20N, a point in Delaware County south of Ashley, OH and north of Columbus.

The large blot of sightings at map center is Columbus.     The Dayton / Wright-Patterson AFB area to the WSW of that shows a smaller group. Cincinnati to the southwest and Cleveland on Lake Erie to the Northeast account for many events listed.

While sightings tend toward residential and farm settings in Ohio, they are also commonly seen in large cities.

Ohio Daily UFO Sightings Histogram <=   Daily Histogram of all Ohio Sightings.

Here sightings for all years are combined as daily counts to show seasonal effects and trends.

The 'tallest' day is October 14th, which nearly coincides with the Orionids meteor showers.     The highest daily counts for separate years, (not combined like this) are 4 per day.     That only happened twice, on 14 and 18 October 1973.

The busiest months for Ohio are July (53) and October (57) for all years combined.     The busiest weekdays are Sunday (57). Thursday (56) and Friday (57) .. compared to a mean average of 51 sightings per weekday.

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50-year graph of Ohio UFO Sightings <=   50-Year Graph of Ohio UFO Sightings.

Ohio sightings never rise to any startling peak, see the violet running average at bottom of this display.   The busiest years for this state are as follows:

1947 (15)     1952 (23)     1953 (17)
1954 (24)     1955 (24)     1956 (11)
1957 (14)     1958 (10)     1959 (11)
1966 (22)     1967 (19)     1973 (23)
1975 (14)     1978 (10)

Years not shown list fewer than ten sightings.

1954 is a small surprise, most activity was in France.   1955 is also out of character, a slow year in the USA and elsewhere where good records permit some tentative statistics.

All data and numbers are taken from the
*U* UFO Database.

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